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Book AutiPower, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

An autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an impairment. There is a reason we call it a ‘disorder’. But what does that mean, exactly? A deviation from what is ‘normal’ – whatever that may be? We could also say that people with autism are different. That is true. They think, talk and feel differently. They often display high sensitivity and suffer more easily from sensory overload. This is a problem, as the number of stimuli in our fast-moving information society has constantly increased over the last few decades. As has the number of children and adults diagnosed with a form of ASD. People with autism have to function in a society that turns their being different into a handicap. This book gives some of these people a voice. It shows how they deal with the world around them. Some are better at it than others, for a variety of reasons. But the power and the optimism with which they try to adapt is remarkable. Adapt? This is indeed what it often boils down to. Up till now, this adaptation has been a mainly one-sided process: they forming the side adapting itself. This book also grants experts and employers ample opportunity to speak. These people collaborate closely with people who have some form of autism. Their vision on what people who think and feel differently can contribute to our society is highly revealing. AutiPower! is an instructive book for people with an ASD, but is especially interesting to anyone who really wants to gain a better understanding of the thoughts and feelings of people with autism.

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AUTISME IN HET NEST (Autism in the family)

(only in Dutch available)

B-Write, Publisher Pepijn, Autism in the familyIn October 2012 the book ‘Autisme in het Nest’ (Autism in the family) is published in cooperation with the Dutch publisher Pepijn. ‘Autism in the nest ‘is an instructive book of interviews about growing up in a family with a parent with autism. The impact this may have on the lives of children, even if they are already grown up, is clearly in a penetrating way.

“My father still does not understand why I think differently than he. He does not understand why I’m not thinking in the way he does. This makes communication very difficult. “
“My world has collapsed. I need to rebuild it and find my own way. And to make sure that my dad no longer hurts me. I do not wanna feel bad.”
“The past year I have seen many healthcare professionals. Everyone slammed the door in my face. This, although I have said, ‘My father and brother are autistic, help me! “But there is no understanding, because I am ‘normal’.

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(AutiPower! Successful living and working with a form of autism)

(Dutch edition)

B-Write, Publisher Pepijn, AutiPowerIn October 2011 the book ‘AutiPower! Succesol leven en werken met autisme ‘ (AutiPower! Successful living and working with a form of autism) is published in cooperation with the Dutch publisher Pepijn. The book shows the force of people with a form of autism. After a long struggle they now dare to call themselves successful. Both in life and in work. AutiPower! contains interviews with people with a form of autism, health care professionals, rehabilitation agencies, employers and other experts.

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