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You are a musician and will soon release your new CD? It is always the question: how to make my cover? Even though it is all about your music, a cover must attract people to your music. Who are you as an artist? What do you play / sing about? What is your style of music? How do you get people to choose and buy your CD instead of hundreds of thousands of other ones? The answer? A unique concept.


Betty Rombout is journalist and painter. She is inspired by Picasso, Matisse and Miro, but also uses her own imagination. Her works are colorful. They stand out! And that is why she can help you with the cover of your CD. Have an eye on her paintings now.

Fish - Painting Betty Rombout
Fish – Painting Betty Rombout





Based on your style of music, you as a person, the title of your CD and listening to your songs, Betty makes a unique painting. You buy the painting. But not only for decorating your studio, you use the painting – a picture of it – also for the cover of your CD! In this way you attract people to your music; in your studio and via your CD cover.



Painting 19.69 x 19.69 inch , acrylic paint as a base with two layers of oil paint

225 euro inclusive painting, paint, working hours

Painting 19.69 x 19.69 cm, oil paint (total fill in)

250 euro inclusve painting, paint, working hours

Painting 15.75  x 47.24 inch (painted lengthwise), acrylic paint as a base with two layers of oil paint

325 euro inclusive painting, paint, working hours

Painting 15.75 x 47.24 inch (painted lengthwise), ooil paint (total fill in)

350 euro inclusive painting, paint, working hours

During the first talk – FOR FREE – you tell her your ideas. This is possible by phone, skype or face to face in the studio of Betty Rombout: 8 Les Fumards,  56430 Mauron, France.

Delivery time: to be discussed. The painting can be collected from Betty in her studio in Brittany. If desired, she can send the painting by post. Delivery costs will then be charged.


Example of painting painted by Betty Rombout to be used for a cd cover
Karnaval – Betty Rombout


Is your CD ready? Then Betty makes a one-off advertising for you (and for her artwork) via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn en Twitter. She also puts your unique CD cover on CD Art  website, with your name and email address.






Contact Betty via 00-33-6-79787247 or emailOr pay a visit to her studio. It is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 – 12.00 and from 14.00 – 19.00, with exception of holidays. If you want an appointment in the weekend or at a certain time, call or email Betty.


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