Robert Coudray, le Poète Ferrailleur

Since we have lived in Brittany, we have been there six times already: the museum of Robert Coudray, poet and scrap dealer, le Poète Ferrailleur, in Lizio. Family, friends, everyone should see this. In this museum you become a child again and your imagination gets a boost. Once at home, you want to be creative yourself. Coudray and its museum gives you energy. Positive energy.

Robert Coudray (1954, Brittany) spent twenty years of his life establishing this museum. A museum created from his imagination. A museum that touches your soul. It makes you happy. The place is both magical and turbulent. You definitely need two hours to see the 80 moving objects, machines, kinetic gears, musical fountains and fantasy houses. It is magnificent. The objects are made of scrap. An old brush is the mane of a horse, electricity cables form the hair of a puppet, old forks serve as eyebrows…

Coudray says: ‘My creations are the trips to which I give my body and soul. I bring myself slowly to the births. My life gets wings. The scrap, I mount it, weld it, customize it, I give it life. This energy, these contractions, the docility and confidence, ultimately created the huge wings, the gifts from heaven. I admire those who made them. And then I forget that I was that person.’

Robert Coudray also incorporated his imagination, his ideas, in a number of films. One of these films is ‘Le Secret de Mermoz ‘(2004). Very touching. The old Victor looks back on his childhood. A childhood in which he fantasizes about beautiful objects to fly with. Flying, that’s all he wants. Like the birds. Freedom. As a small boy he creates a special ‘aircraft’, but friends make fun of him. They throw him out of the ‘plane’ and destroy it. A traumatic event that haunts him throughout his life. But Victor does not give up. In secret – now he lives in seclusion on an old farm – he continues to work on his fantasies. One day, a little girl visits him. She is curious. Who is this man? Slowly she wins the trust of Victor. Eventually, the old man tells her his secret and he shows his creations in an old barn. The girl is surprised, amazed. What a wonderful machines, moving dolls, everything! The film ends with a shot on the beach. Victor sits in his ‘aircraft’’ pulled by the girl and her friends. He flies. He’s free. Finally.

The world of Robert Coudray, I will definitely visit the museum more often. Why? Simple, to be a child again. For a little while.

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