Different styles of texts

B-Write, Betty Rombout, writer and journalistBetty Rombout is specialized in writing different styles of texts. For example: advertisements, advertorials, articles, books, letters, brochures, columns, mailings, flyers, leaflets, short stories, newsletters, press releases, application letters, website texts.


Not only writing new texts, but also editing is one of Betty’s expertises. Are you in a need for an editor? Also.. no problem at all.


Would you like to have interview for your business, organization or magazine? B-Write is ready for you.


Are you looking for article ideas and/or persons to be interviewed, even well known people? The network of Betty is large. She is happy to collaborate with you and, if you wish, she can approach people from her network for text productions.


Betty provides interviews and texts in Dutch, English and French.


Betty works together with professional journalists, writers and photographers (international) in a pool, set up by herself. Does she have no opportunity to do the text production for you, then she asks her pool. Coordination and final editing will be done by Betty. Working in this way, you are always assured that your job is done properly and on time.


Betty charges an hourly rate of 70 euros. However, a project price (eg an amount per article) is also possible.