Jean-Luc Bannalec

He was born in 1966 in Bonn, Germany: Jörg Bong. About 50 years later most people know him under his pen name Jean-Luc Bannalec. In 2012 he published his first book, ‘Death in Pont-Aven ‘or in French: ‘Un été à Pont-Aven’. The French version sounds more appealing to read. But it is up to you! More than 250,000 copies have already been sold. Incredible! Every writer’s dream.

The main character in the book is commissioner Dupin, born in Paris. He is ‘mad about’ penguins and addicted to caffeine. He does not want to, but it has to be done: working in Brittany. For him, this part of France is the end of the world. But Dupin goes. Then … on a sweltering morning in July, Pont-Aven (a picturesque artists’ village in the south of Brittany) is the site of a mysterious murder. The elderly owner of Hotel Central, Pierre-Louis Pennec, is stabbed brutally. Who has killed this 91-year-old guy and why? A few days later a second body is found on the coast of Brittany. Dupin realizes that the case is bigger than he initially thought. He does his best to solve the murder case, but the villagers are not inclined to tell anything. Actually, they remain silent. Yet he succeeds – assisted by a beautiful art historian – in discovering a spectacular secret that has everything to do with the murders.

Are you curious how the book continues? Me too. Honestly, I have not yet read the book. Just found it on the internet while looking for stories about Brittany. The only thing I know, is that the descriptions of the villages, nature, local customs and specialities of Brittany must be wonderful. So fans of Brittany, let’s go to and order this book of Jean Luc Bannalec. And if you have read it, just let me know what your impression is, okay?


The first day

It was a beautiful summer day, the seventh of July, one of those days which made commissioner Dupin happy. The sky was blue, the air was already warm in the morning and even very clear; everything was clear-cut. The night before Dupin had had the impression that the end of the world was coming. A low and black cloud base had been seen in the sky. Violent gusts and rainstorms had ravaged the country.


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