Les Landes de Locarn

Some months ago, on a beautiful spring day, we decided to take our camper van for a long weekend. I had already read about Landes de Locarn with adjacent Bois de Plessis in which the Gorges du Corong is located. This moorland is situated in central Brittany and extends over about 350 hectares. To the south it borders the river Kersault, in the north the stream Follezou. Curious as always we made our way to this special place.

After a restful night at the parking lot of Guellec (for free!), adjacent to the moorland, we left the camper van. The sun was shining, the sky blue. What more could you wish for? Close to the parking lot we did find the sign ‘Sentier du minez Guellec’ that indicates the start of the 4 miles walk over the moorland to the gorge and back. After a short walk on a paved road – with beautiful views – we approached the moorland. First of all we saw a sand pit, followed by a huge menhir; Pator-Saout. We continued on our way and after a slight climb we arrived at the ‘Minez Guellec’, the highest point (mountain) of this area. The view here is panoramic. You overlook the Bassin de Châteaulin and can even see as far as the Monts d’Arrée in the west and the Montagnes Noires in the southwest. We walked down and arrived in the Bois de Plessis. Truly a magnificent forest. The light of the sun on the mossy trees created an almost surreal spectacle.

Silently we continued on our way until we saw huge stones in the distance, lying in a gorge: the Gorges du Corong. Magnificent! We had to scramble over the stones. How exciting! Just as exciting as the Chaos du Corong a few hundred meters ahead. Huge granite rocks originated from erosion. Or… the legend tells of a giant named Boudédé who took the nasty stones out of his shoes and threw them in the stream. You’ve already guessed, these stones are nowadays the Chaos du Corong.

During the last part of the walk we saw the ‘Moulins du Corong’. At least, they must have been there according to a hiking sign with the name of the mills written on it. Finally we ended up at the parking lot. We really recommend this two hours walk. Again we have seen a beautiful spot in Bretagne.

Link to the walkhttp://www.cotesdarmor.com/sejours-et-week-ends-thematiques/idees-de-randonnees/idees-de-randonnees/balade-dans-les-landes-de-locarn


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