Two years ago we have moved into Brittany. Almost at the same time I decided to work part time – in addition to my work as a journalist – as a real estate agent for an international organization. They were looking for people amongst others in Brittany. My first intake of a house, as it is called in this business, would be near Melrand. From my hometown, Mauron, this was just over an hour’s drive. I did not mind. So I took the highway to the city of Pontivy, followed by a scenic route to Melrand. I saw a green and hilly landscape. Beautiful! In the local ‘auberge’ I met my colleague for a lunch. He introduced me to the ‘world’ of the real estate business. After lunch we went together to the owners of the house for the intake. We took the rural road to Baud and just before crossing the river Blavet, we saw the house. The intake could begin! And yes…. I was a bit nervous.

Previously Melrand was located on a plateau. The little village already existed in the Middle Ages. We know this because remains of this old village have been found in 1902. In the ‘Village de l’An Mil’, as this place was called, nowadays you can learn all about the life and work of the Breton peasants from the year 1000 on. Around a central square you see 17 buildings of which there are now 10 fully excavated. The architecture consists of stone, earth and wood. Children have the opportunity to learn about the different construction techniques from this period. Furthermore, the archaeological program tells the visitor all about the garden with more than 100 different species of plants and old animal species. So you can imagine, ‘Village de l’An Mil’ is definitely worth a visit if you are near Melrand.

It was exciting, my first ‘intake’. The English vendors were extremely friendly. No, I have never sold their house. I quit the job, it took me too much energy in combination with my work as a journalist. Life consists not only of work, isn’t it? I have been living in Brittany to enjoy the freedom, the space, the beautiful landscape and the kind people. And yes, also because I am very curious and really like to discover special places as ‘Village de l’An Mil’. How different life was in those days. People did not need real estate agents to sell their house. On the contrary. If you were interested in a house, you gave the owner one or more drinks and a goat as a bonus! Nowadays this is no longer possible. Although… a goat? Who knows, may be the negociations will be more relaxed.

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