Easter Island

After a great New Years Eve party with Brian, Eileen – Le Faout Gîtes in La Chapelle Neuve – together with some other 35 people, the next morning we have the idea of going out for a nice walk in the surrounding area. It’s not just us who think this is a great idea. After spending an evening and night in our camper van, dog Bubbel longs to have a run in the field. So we drive to a beautiful spot near Carnoët, called La Vallée des Saints (Traonienn ar Sent, in Breton).

La Vallée des Saints
La Vallée des Saints

La Valée des Saints is not just a valley. Not at all. On a hill in the valley you can discover 51 statues of Breton Saints. Over the next years there will be more statues. Many more. The initiator is Philippe Abjean, helped by Sébastien Minguy and Philippe Hajas. In 2009 Philippe had the idea of creating – in 25 years time –  a valley with 1000 statues (most of the statues are around 10 feet). The spot was to become a kind of Easter Island, a third millennium, a place of spirituality in honor of the many Breton Saints. Legends tell there are more than 7000 Breton Saints who unfortunately are not all ‘approved’ by the Roman Catholic Church. So, what to do about this, Philippe must have thought. Right, immortalize them! Did you know that this clever guy has received the award for ‘Breton of the Year’ in 2010 (magazine Armor, Brittany)? In the meantime le project fou pour l’eternité has founded an association. Each statue costs about 12,000 euros. Money is raised through donations from both companies and individual persons. If you would like to donate, you will be ‘connected’ to a Saint.

The statues on the Breton Easter Island are all equally beautiful. We look at them attentively. Quietly and in amazement. Yes, this is really a spiritual place. The statues (they all have a face and an attribute) look out over the valley. Easter Island not only exists in Chile, also in France, Brittany. Isn’t that amazing! We are really impressed. However, dog Bubbel isn’t impressed at all. She lifts her leg – despite being a femaile dog – and pees against Saint Malou. ‘Bad dog, look what you have done!’, I say to her while offering my apologies to the Saint. Bubbel pretends there is nothing to worry about, though swishing her tail. The old man shakes his head and even laughs a bit. He seems not to be angry. Great, because you never know what could happen if a Saint is not pleased.



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