Roches du Diable

Would you like to read an article about the legends of the Devil? Well, that’s very easy with all the legends we have here in Brittany. Not far from the village of Locunolé we discover a special place. We pass a farm and end in a small parking lot. We get out. It’s only a short walk to the ‘Roches du Diable’. Through a maze of paths we discover impressive granite blocks – ‘Les Roches du Diable’ – between which the river Ellé winds. This really is a devilish area; the river can be very strong and wild!

The first legend starts with Saint Guénolé, a saint from the end of the fifth century. The saint is known as the founder of L’abbaye de Landevennec. The abbey is located in ‘the land of Satan’ as people named it a long time ago. It is very brave of Guénolé to settle here. However, everything goes very well with the saint and his parishioners, with more and more people coming to his sermons. Paolic – one of the names of the Devil in Brittany – is angry when he realizes that souls are being saved. One day when Guénolé is walking along the river Ellé the Devil sees him and throw big granite rocks on his head, but Guénolé is very clever. He touches his cross and the danger has gone. The granite rocks fall on down in to the river… where they still are today. Guénolé loses his patience with the Devil and wants to find him and look him in the eye. However, when the Devil is confronted by Guénolé he grabs the rocks, his claw prints can still be seen. What can he do against the divine power? He starts to climb and Guénolé follows him. Unfortunately for the Devil he loses the battle and falls into the river. That is one of the legends.

This one is also about Guénolé. The saint is fascinated by a unique place – known today as ‘Les Roches du Diable’ – and decides to build a house between the rocks. Many of the rocks have suggestive forms; resembling tables, cups and even a pulpit. The problem is that this area is the place of the Devil. So, a battle takes place. The saint wins and the Devil is forced to isolate himself on the other bank of the river. However, after this fight the saint needs a bridge to be able to reach his parishioners. To build the bridge Guénolé first has to make a pact with the Devil. The first soul who crosses the bridge belongs to the Devil. However, the saint is very smart and he sends a squirrel over the bridge! This infuriates the Devil, he becomes extremely angry and dives into the river, thus creating a big hole. The hole of the Devil!

So all, beware of the holes in Brittany. You never know they may belong to the Devil.

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